Baptizer Form Sept 2022

Baptism is one of the most important spiritual practices in the life of every believer.  It reminds us of the new life we have in Christ, testifies to our love for Him, and assures us of His love for us.  For this reason, it is our expectation that everyone who has the privilege of baptizing someone in our body has come to faith in Christ and been baptized themselves.  Please take a moment to share with us how you placed your faith in Christ for eternal life and when you were baptized.

*Are you willing to be a baptizer?
What is the name of the person who wants you to baptize them?
*When and how did you come to faith in Christ as your Savior?
*Have you, yourself, been baptized after becoming a believer in Christ?
*I agree that baptism is a symbol of salvation and does not impart salvation to the baptized.
*Are you able to attend either class to help prepare you?
Do you have any questions or comments?